Frequently Asked Questions

Sold Rapido is a real estate franchise in Central America. Each agency is legally completely independent, under the common Sold Rapido brand, which provides each broker with work tools of diffusion and prospecting. In order to provide quality, reliable and linear services to the clientele, a simple professional code of ethics governs each agent. Our philosophy is that the user who sells, buys or rents real estate can get equal and at the same time personalized attention. 

Time saving: 

With a single web page, and a single map to consult, in a few clicks, you have the possibility of finding properties for sale or for rent in all the country. Thus, no more need to do all the sites, with different functionalities, sometimes complicated or non-existent.  .


With a commission scale established according to the sale price, and in accordance with the law, both sellers and buyers know in advance what the agency cost of the real estate transaction is. 

Our expertise: 

We reserve you a welcome and listening in order to satisfy your investment needs, support for your life project, and expertise as close as possible to reality and without artifice. You will thus realize your acquisition in perfect knowledge of the real estate. 

From the Sold Rapido site, you just have to click on Panama for example, and you have all the properties listed in Panama appearing on the Google map, you select a region that interests you, and then you select one or more properties, and you get the agency in charge of the property (ies) in question. Otherwise, more simply, in the banner, click on “Team”, and you will obtain all the Sold Rapido agencies in the listing. 

Offer to real estate agents wishing to create an agency, the possibility of opening it without entry fee or other financial requirements, by a simple monthly rental of the communication tools and the service offered by the Sold Rapido franchise, governed by a rental agreement and a code of ethics. 

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